Ed Cronin, Former Police Chief, Fitchburg, Mass.

How the police reduced violent crime in Fitchburg, Mass. Ed worked with the U.S. State Dept. and trained police in the Soviet Union on democratic methods of policing and Domestic Violence Community Partnerships. Today he teaches career and life coaching to police professionals.

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Sherrie Graham, Safe Kids Now rep. Gulf Coast States (Al, MS)

Sherrie is a Community Development Consultant and helps groups get organized. She is also a rep. for The Peace Alliance. Her focus in Community and Peace Building. What we can do to strengthen our communities.

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Vanessa Van Petten, Founder, Radical Parenting

Vanessa hosts the Radical Parenting website written by teens for parents. She wrote her first book at age 16 (Penguin books USA) on how parents can use emotional intelligence to understand children. Vanessa’s approach has been featured by CNN, CBS Miami, Fox New York, Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, and is the two time winner of the “Moms Choice Award.”


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Danyelle Marshall, Exec. Director – Project Reconnect

Works with at-risk youth in Oakland CA under age 18. Focus on teens to address peer pressure, anger, sadness, fear, youth leadership and school.

Find out how you can help our youth!  www.projectreconnect.net

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Flemon Henry, Pastor – New St. Paul’s Baptist Community Church

How Pastor Henry turned his life around and why he helps the homeless for 42 years. Expect miracles and miracles happen!

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Jim Becker, Richmond (CA) Community Foundation

April 17, 2012
Why public education must be top priority!
Annual Northern California Summit on Children and Youth
May 16, 17
“Educating our Children – Who Will Lead?” Call to action for educators, corporations, foundations, nonprofits and government to take leadership in fixing our education system.


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Dr. Linda Hebert-Ford, Nationally known training programs for youth.

“Right Choices” a multimedia social skills training program for youth.
“Tough Choices” a national, celebrity DVD driven curriculum that addresses anger and emotional management with a healing and holistic approach. (Currently being used in 4000 schools)
For more info…www.worldviewpub.com Call Dr. Ford at 1-800-987-9444

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Paula Flowe, Exec. Director, The Hitting Stops Here!

April 3, 2012 at 1:30pm (PST)

Our Mission:
To create national awareness of:
sanctioned school beatings in 19 US states and territories.
the use of harmful restraints and other forms of “school corporal punishment” occurring throughout the US and territories.

To disseminate information on the harm “school corporal punishment” produces in children and society.


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Yolanda Littles, The Yolonda Littles Agency Worldwide

3/20/12 Topic: Wellness: Changing the Way you Live, Work and Play.

Ms. Littles is passionate and inspires others to take charge of their health and well being. She has the talent and ability to motivate, inspire, train and teach others to stay healthy!

Her many years of experience maintaining good health after loosing 350 pounds can inspire adult and youth alike to a new relationship with food.

If you would like to be on her show, you can reach Yolanda at: yolandalittlesmorepublicradio@gmail.com

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Ninon de Vere De Rosa, Exec. Director “Ninon Speaks”

“Your Money and 3 Easy Steps to Save Your Mortgage”
Ninon is an Award Winning Producer, Founder and Executive Director of “Ninon Speaks” and “Living Consciously.”


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