11/1/11 – BuildCommunity.us – Guest: Dr. Barbara Williams

Have you identified your special gifts? Find out how to discover YOUR gifts so you can reach your potential!

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2 Responses to 11/1/11 – BuildCommunity.us – Guest: Dr. Barbara Williams

  1. Nancy Mangan says:

    Thank you Stephanie and Dr. Barbara,
    Glad to hear the “topic”. Encouraging to share! I think this is a great concept to be introduced and worked in to curriculums starting in kindergarten and promoted throughout all grades. Encourage the children to promote to talk about it with friends and within their family. You are right, we need people to ponder these ideas to enable communities to not have a lack of volunteers but an abundant overflow of volunteers. Which in turn encourages unselfishness and more. God bless the children … and everyone that promotes these concepts in a loving way (including youuuuuu …..)
    Kind regards

    Nancy Mangan Advocate Project

  2. Joe Suttle says:

    Very good first show. Good to hear you and Dr. Barbara on the air. Thanks for your work in building safe neighborhoods.

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