Rebecca Kimbel, Polygamist and child rape survivor

You can reach Rebecca Kimbel at:

“If it’s not love, it’s not God.” R. Kimbel

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2 Responses to Rebecca Kimbel, Polygamist and child rape survivor

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks, Nancy! Yes, I am interested in this topic. As an outsider, I think Polygamy is a slippery slope that allows men to be in total control of women and brainwash children. This is not about a loving God but a way for men to control women. A step back into the dark ages.

    I did 3 YouTube interviews with Rebecca Kimbel. If you want to check them out, go to and click YouTube on lower left. Look for “Oprah duped by “Sister Wives.”

  2. Nancy Mangan says:

    HI Stephanie
    Thank you that was an educational interview. I appreciate your comments throughout the interview.
    How I first got educated regarding Polygamy was through
    Nancy Mereska of
    She has worked very hard educating and making a difference on this subject, particularly in Canada. On her site you will see the play by play of what has been going on in a case in BC – she even attended the majority of the court procedings and through lawyers a presentation. There has been some of Rebecca’s work on this site example an interview by Rebecca.
    Kind regards
    Nancy Mangan

    Nancy Mangan Advocate Project

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