Michael Adekunle, Urban League Program Manager, St. Petersburg,FL.

Michael Adekunle has served as a federal police officer and an emergency preparedness planner in Louisiana.  As a program manager in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Michael has overseen shrinking budget of nearly $1M while increasing the deliverable in, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa and St. Petersburg.   Overall crime rates have decreased.

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Rev. Regina Contreres, Teacher,

Teacher who saw sex trafficking of children in her neighborhood and got involved. She’s making a difference and will share how to get involved. Contacts coast to coast with…For more info:

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Yolanda Littles, Host: MORE Public Radio International.org

Yolanda lost 350 lbs. and now lives a healthy lifestyle. What she did and how she did it. What it takes to keep families healthy!

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Marilyn Shannon, Radio Host – The Breaking Free Show

Topic: The power of good communication and what we need to know to be heard.


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Retired Lt. Steven Fajardo, Gang intervention and Community Policing

Oakland (CA) Unified School District Police Department, 25 years. Lt. Fajardo served on patrol, gang intervention, teacher for G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training).

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Scott Hammond, Author, Motivational Speaker and Father of 9.

Scott is a media marketing and sales consultant for 30 years. He is an award winning Toastmaster and lives in McKinleyville CA with his amazing wife…Joni of 31 years.

For more info: www.becomeabetterfather.com


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Dr. Ed Delph, Pastor, Author, Speaker, Columnist, Conference Leader

Dr. Delph has traveled to 80 countries in the past 12 years, helping nations with transformation and enhancement.  He has spoken to Australian Parliament, presented conferences and participated on international TV and radio to change perceptions about God, church and the people of God.

For more information, www.nationstrategy.com

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Healthy Communities

You are right we need this in all Communities. God bless the work they are doing in Oakland CA!
Thanks Stephanie for another great radio program!

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Thanks for Radio Program

From: L Biondi

Ms. Mann hosts each Tuesday afternoon a radio program with well known local guests, who have, in different ways, greatly enriched their

The topics are not only timely, but laced with valid, common concerns
of citizens living in the greater Easy Bay.

Although each topic has not specifically affected my life, each
program has delivered to our home a better knowledge of the world we live in, acknowleding solutions already improving neighborhoods and highlighting voids which leave vast communities open for violence and family turmoil.

Ms. Mann’s Tuesday programs at 1:30 pm, (PT) have their own place on our 2012 calendar.

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Healthy Communites

Another great show Stephanie! Thanks!
Grateful for all that Healthy Communities is doing in Oakland CA. Yes, all communities should have this!
Kind regards,
Nancy Mangan Advocate Project

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