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Ed Cronin, Former Police Chief, Fitchburg, Mass.

How the police reduced violent crime in Fitchburg, Mass. Ed worked with the U.S. State Dept. and trained police in the Soviet Union on democratic methods of policing and Domestic Violence Community Partnerships. Today he teaches career and life coaching … Continue reading

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Dr. Linda Hebert-Ford, Nationally known training programs for youth.

“Right Choices” a multimedia social skills training program for youth. “Tough Choices” a national, celebrity DVD driven curriculum that addresses anger and emotional management with a healing and holistic approach. (Currently being used in 4000 schools) For more info…www.worldviewpub.com Call … Continue reading

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Yolanda Littles, The Yolonda Littles Agency Worldwide

3/20/12 Topic: Wellness: Changing the Way you Live, Work and Play. Ms. Littles is passionate and inspires others to take charge of their health and well being. She has the talent and ability to motivate, inspire, train and teach others … Continue reading

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Michael Adekunle, Urban League Program Manager, St. Petersburg,FL.

Michael Adekunle has served as a federal police officer and an emergency preparedness planner in Louisiana.  As a program manager in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Michael has overseen shrinking budget of nearly $1M while increasing the deliverable in, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, … Continue reading

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Retired Lt. Steven Fajardo, Gang intervention and Community Policing

Oakland (CA) Unified School District Police Department, 25 years. Lt. Fajardo served on patrol, gang intervention, teacher for G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training).

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Bishop Andre Jackson, Chair – Healthy Communities

What we can do to create safer, healthier communities. Working together to keep families and children safe! www.healthycommunities.us  

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1-3-12 Kenny Johnson – From San Quentin Prison to Spiritual Teacher

How Kenny turned his life around in prison. An amazing journey! www.thissacredspace.org

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CHRISTMAS 2011: Dr. Barbara Williams & Stephanie Mann – How enlightened Americans are creating PEACE!

The 2 critical issues that must be discussed for long lasting peace – What you can do!

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Ginger Guadagni, Author, Illustrator of books for kids

PARENTS: Ginger’s books are creatively illustrated and written to engage children.  Books for preschoolers to 3rd grade to help them take ownership to prevent future problems.  For more information:  www.carr4fun.org  

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Matthew Albracht, Exec. Director – The Peace Alliance

Everyone wants PEACE!  “The Peace Alliance” is helping to create community PEACE! www.thepeacealliance.org

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